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ne of the most critical illustrations in Disney history — which is stating something, thinking of it as all began with doodles of a mouse — is gone to sell on June 25 at Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks, Calif. The thing is a hand-shaded and inked duplicate of a unique guide (with minor embellishments) that Walt Disney and a companion, Herb Ryman, made more than one hurried end of the week in September 1953 as a major aspect of a frenzied push to secure financing to manufacture Disneyland. 

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The guide, which Van Eaton said on Wednesday could bring amongst $750,000 and $1 million, delineates territories of Disneyland that could never emerge ("Lilliputian Land"), numerous that would (a border prepare ride, a boondocks segment) and some that in the end took an altogether different shape (the tall tale palace was initially situated in a corner rather than the middle). The guide is around three feet by five feet. 
Van Eaton is offering the guide for the benefit of Ron Clark, a Disneyana authority who got it 40 years prior from a previous Disney representative, Grenade Curran. Supposedly, Mr. Curran saw the guide multi day in 1955. It was sitting in a side of Walt Disney's office — it is attached to a kind of collapsing notice board — and Mr. Curran inquired as to whether he could take it home as a token; his manager said beyond any doubt.
"That an ancient rarity like this, which is so profoundly established in the production of Disneyland, still exists today is amazing," Mike Van Eaton, a proprietor of the closeout house, said in an announcement, calling it "the most significant Disneyland curio at any point offered at sell off."